We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary

 We are a non-profit organization for Czechs and Slovaks in Alaska.  We believe that our heritage  is an essential part of our well being and our thriving community.  We believe that our devotion to our history will drive the spirit and raise the collective consciousness of the citizens of Alaska.  We collaborate with other  organizations in an effort to facilitate mutual support, recognition, and the exchanging of ideas.  We work to encourage a culture of love and appreciation of our forefathers, homeland and heritage. We invite everyone to expand  our organization in an effort to enrich the lives of all the citizens of Alaska. The Czech-Alaska Society strives to unleash the Czech and Slovak heritage in  everyone.

Jaroslav Hanak

Social Media Director

​Thank you Everybody for coming to our Annual Picnic. See you again next year !!

Helen Vik


August 2016, online classes 

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Jitka Storm


June 25th -June 26th, Palmer, Alaska State Fairground

July 22th -August 21th, Olomouc, CZ 

Barbara Burg


Andy Zajac


Vítáme Vás 

Česká Asociace na Aljašce