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Picnic & Potluck 9th June 2017

  • American Legion Post 1​​

​​​   804 Fireweed Lane, Anchorage  


  • 5pm - 10pm
  • Music, moose goulash, beer and "Sausage Station" are provided
    * Please bring your favorite dish to share:
    g. Koláče(sweet pastries), štrůdl(apple strudel), buchty (filled sweet bun cake), bábovku(bun cake), špek(bacon),tlačenku(head cheese), chlebíčky (open faces sandwiches), salám (hard salami),  jednohubky (hors d'oveours),  bramborák (potato pancakes) but it doesn't have to be Czech dish at all!! Bring whatever you like!!!!!

  • Our Picnic & Potluck is outside in a big yard....feel free to play! Sharing your sporting skills and musical talent is always encouraged. Bring your guitar, harmonica, whatever will help to show off your inner entertainer to everyone. 
    Our popular "Sausage Station" does have a roof so sitting around the fire pit roasting buřty (sausages) and signing campfire songs is even more fun in the rain. Should the weather be totally unbearable we do have indoor space reserved as well.
    See you at our Annual Picnic & Potluck! Bring your family, invite your visiting friends and let's reconnect the traditional way through sharing our stories, food and laughter.